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Relive The Moment


Your Cake Gets Eaten,

Your Flowers Will Fade,

But Your Photo's + Film Will Last Forever.

Wanderlust Weddings are here to help you relive that perfect kiss, those uncontrollable tears, fits of laughter and your dancing feet. Our team live and breath weddings, working together to create a service that gives you both wedding photography + wedding videography without the worry of two different companies getting in each others way. We know exactly how to capture your day from start to finish and leave you breathless at the results.

Our Wedding Photography and Cinema Packages are the perfect way to capture your day, discover more and Book Now to avoid disappointment!

"Love is Seeing Someones Magic and Reminding Them of it When They Have Forgotten"

Who Are Wanderlust Weddings?

We thought you would never ask! Wanderlust Weddings is the coming together of two Guisborough based wedding suppliers that wanted to offer a unique combined package for Wedding Photography + Wedding Videography. 

Our similar thinking and creative style is what set's us apart from the rest. We work together to create stunning results and capture your day with ease. Too many times we hear stories of wedding photographer's and wedding videographer's getting in each others shots and potentially ruining a couples moment, hey we've been there ourselves and experienced this. But with Wanderlust Weddings, we know exactly how to capture your day in harmony and deliver the best results. Still not convinced? Why not meet us and chat about your big day!? 

The Fellowship Of The Wedding Rings

Alex Whitley | Videographer

"A simple dream is far more powerful than a thousand realities"

Aaron Jeffels | Photographer

"If your pictures aren't good enough, then you're not close enough"

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost 


Joint Wedding Photography + Wedding Film Packages from £1,400

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